Shai Lavi, Ph.D.




Professor of law

Faculty of Law

Tel Aviv University

Director, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

Co-Director, Minerva Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

of the End of Life Sociology of Law



2001      University of California, Berkeley: Ph.D. in the Program of Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP)

1995      Tel-Aviv University: A direct Masters in the Interdisciplinary Program for Fostering Excellence

1995      Tel-Aviv University: M.A. (Cum Laude) in Sociology & Anthropology



2011-present      Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

2006-2011          Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

2002-2006          Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

2011-present      Co-Director, Minerva Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of End of Life, Tel Aviv University

2009-2012          Director, Minerva Center for Human Rights, Tel Aviv University

2006-2008          Director, Taubenschlag Institute for Criminal Law, Tel Aviv University


Membership in Professional Societies:

  • Law and Society Association
  • Law, Culture and Humanities Association


Current research projects:

  • Ontologies and Epistemologies of Death: Sociological Perspectives on the ethical and the technological aspects of brain-death in Israel


Selected recent publications:

Lavi, Shai. 2010. “Der Islam zwischen christlicher Tradition und jüdischer Geschichte. Das Beispiel ritueller Tierschlachtung in Deutschland nach 1945.” In Religionskonflikte Im Verfassungsstaat, edited by Astrid Reuter and Hans Kippenberg, 393–416. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH KG.

Lavi, Shai. 2009. “Unequal Rites: Jews, Muslims and the History of Ritual Slaughter in Germany.” In Juden und Muslime in Deutschland: Recht, Religion, Identitaet, edited by Shai Lavi and Jose Brunner, 164–184. Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag.

Lavi, Shai. 2008. “How Dying Became a ‘life Crisis’.” Daedalus 137 (1) (January): 57–65. doi:10.1162/daed.2008.137.1.57.

Lavi, Shai. 2008. “From Bioethics to Bio-optics: The Case of the Embryonic Stem Cell.” Law, Culture and the Humanities 4 (3) (October 1): 339–351. doi:10.1177/1743872108093101.

Lavi, Shai. 2006. “Animal Laws and the Politics of Life: Slaughterhouse Regulation in Germany, 1870-1917.” Theoretical Inquiries in Law 8 (1) (January 10): 221–258. doi:10.2202/1565-3404.1149.

Lavi, Shai. 2006. “Autopoiesis, Nihilism and Technique: On Death and the Origins of Legal Paradoxes.” In Paradoxes and Inconsistencies in the Law, edited by Oren Perez and Gunther Teubner, 247–273. Oxford: Hart.

Lavi, Shai. 2005. The Modern Art of Dying: a History of Euthanasia in the United States. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.

Lavi, Shai. 2003. “Euthanasia and the Changing Laws of the Deathbed: A Study in Historical Jurisprudence.” Theoretical Inquiries in Law 4 (2): 729–761.

Lavi, Shai. 2001. “The Problem of Pain and the Right to Die.” In Pain, Death, and the Law, edited by Austin Sarat, 137–160. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.


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