Publications: Prof. Haim Hazan

Haim Hazan & Raquel Romberg- The Location of Suicide: Cultural Parameters of a Public Health Territory

(Social Epistemolgy April 2022)

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A new book by Haim Hazan and Raquel Rombreg-Sucide Social Dramas-Life Giving Moral Breakdowns in the Israeli Public Sphere


No Ending: Suicide Events in the Annals of Israeli Culture (Book in progress), Co-authored with Raquel Romberg            


Twilight Nationalism – Politics of Existence at Life's End, Daniel Monterescu and Haim Hazan, Stanford University Press, (2018)


Amos Goldberg and Haim Hazan (Eds.), 2015, Marking Evil: Holocaust Memory in the Global Age, New-York, Berghahn


Prof. Haim Hazan ,Against Hybridity: Social Impasses in a Globalizing World (Polity Press 2015, Cambridge)


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